Thunder Mountain 101 Package


If you’ve ever thought about how to start downhill mountain biking, then the Thunder Mountain 101 Package is the best way to begin. It is suggested that you first call ahead (413) 339-6617 to book your reservation and reserve your rental equipment.

The Thunder Mountain 101 Package includes the following: 

  1. A Specialized Status downhill bike
  2. A full-face helmet
  3. Protective body armor
  4. An all day lift ticket
  5. A lesson with one of our certified instructors

Please call Group sales at (413) 339-6617 ext. 330 for Group Pricing


                                                                 View the Thunder Mountain 101 Video above or read the story below.

Here is how it works


1. When you arrive, you’ll go to the Bike Shop in the Base Lodge. You just need to wear comfortable outdoor clothing, sneakers and we’ll supply you with everything else that you’ll need.



2. Our staff will greet you and answer any questions that you have about the Thunder Mountain 101 Package.



3. You’ll fill out the necessary forms and waivers.



4. You’ll attach your wristband



5. After completing your payment, you’ll receive a lift ticket that will be attached to your Downhill Mountain Bike.



6. It is very important to have a good pair of sneakers as open toe footwear is not allowed.



7. From here, our staff will select a properly sized full-face helmet.  



8. You will also receive elbow and knee protection. Chest and back protection is also available.



9. Your Downhill Mountain Bike will then be selected and adjusted to your body size.



10. Once you have all of your equipment, you’ll meet your instructor in the base area and receive a brief orientation.



11. Your instructor and the lift staff will guide you through the loading process.



12. Once you are on the chair, you’ll enjoy a 1,000 vertical foot ride to the summit.



13. When you arrive, your bike will be waiting for you and your instructor will then guide you on your first ride down the entry level Sugar Line Trail.







14. Once you’ve completed your first guided ride and lesson, your instructor will then give you recommendations so that you can begin riding on your own.