Video Links

Schist Course Walking Inspection with Chris Conrad 9/22/2015
A Little Drone Footage on the Deerfield River 9/17/2015
From a Walk in the Woods 9/3/2015
McBride 9/1/2015
Ed Rutledge on Berkshire East’s 900 kW Wind Turbine 8/31/2015
Ed Rutledge, EcoFellowship Coordinator at the Berkshire East Windfest 8/30/2015
Bill Farrell on the 500kW Solar Field 8/29/2015
September and October, A Great Time for Rafting 8/29/2015
Welcome to Berkshire East Mountain Resort 8/22/2015
Berkshire Whitewater with Kelly Skinner 8/18/2015
Sarah and John Ride the Thunderbolt 8/16/2015
Lindsey Runkel and Tyler Ryan, Adaptive Riders 8/16/2015
Into the Woods 8/13/2015
Riders on the Gronk 8/12/2015
Short Clip of Rafting on Zoar Gap 8/11/2015
Thunder Mountain 101 Entry Level Package 8/6/2015
Tino Specht Filming at Thunder Mountain Bike Park 8/5/2015
Three Carts on the Thunderbolt 8/3/2015
Berkshire Whitewater in Super Slow Motion 8/3/2015
The Valley Jump X2 in Cinema Format 7/27/2015
Nelson Escobar on the Thunderbolt 7/25/2015
Berkshire east Celebrates Charlemont’s 250th Birthday 7/25/2015
Children on the Zip Line Base Tour 7/24/2015
54 Riders in 54 Seconds 7/23/2015
An Aerial View of the Warfield House Inn 7/20/2015
Thunder Mountain Bike Park, Elegant Ride “Contest”, 7-19-2015 7/20/2015
Dualing GoPros Down the X1 Lines 7/17/2015
Berkshire Whitewater, Monroe Bridge Release, July 12, 2015 7/12/2015
Joshua Kipp’s Big Day on the Thunderbolt 7/12/2015
Noel and Austin Kelly at Thunder Mountain Bike Park 7/11/2015
A Sunday on the Thunderbolt 7/9/2015
Berkshire Whitewater, Zoar Gap Adventure, July 9, 2015 7/9/2015
Thunder Mountain Bike Park, Level 2 Experience with Andrew Mack 7/7/2015
Thunder Mountain Bike Park, Opening Day, July 2, 2015 7/2/2015
Loading Procedure for the Thunder Mountain Bike Park 6/30/2015
Thunder Mountain Bike Park, Level 1 Experience with Kyle Missaggia 6/25/2015
Four on the Thunderbolt 6/23/2015
A Little “Dancing” on the Blue Jump Trail 6/18/2015
Thunder Mountain Bike Park Grand Opening July 1, 2015 6/18/2015
Berkshire Whitewater, Monroe Bridge Release, 6-14-2015 6/15/2015
Chris Conrad on the Construction of the Blue Jump Trails 5/27/2015
Dylan, U.S. Marine Corps, Berkshire East Valley Jump Tour 9-26-2014 5/16/2015
Thunder Mountain Bike Park, Gravity Logic Trail Construction with Tyler Conrad 5/12/2015
Where Eagles Soar, The Berkshire East Valley Jump Zip Line Tour 4/30/2015
Berkshire Whitewater April 19, 2015 4/20/2015
25 Second Zip Line Video 4-7-2015 4/7/2015
25 Second Thunderbolt Mountain Coaster Video 4-7-2015 4/7/2015
25 Second Thunder Mountain Bike Park Preview 4/7/2015
Welcome to Berkshire East Mountain Resort 3/30/2015
Berkshire Whitewater with Gabe Porter-Henry 3/5/2015
Berkshire East Mountain Resort, Come Up for March 2/27/2015
Powder Day at Berkshire East, 2-9-2015 2/10/2015
How to Rent Ski Equipment at Berkshire East 2/6/2015
Berkshire East Childrens Play and Ski Center 2/2/2015
Our Skiing and Snowboarding is Great 2-1-2015 2/1/2015
Berkshire East Commercial 2-1-2015, Skiing After Juno 2/1/2015
Berkshire East Ski Tunes…Maintaining the Rental Skis with Dave Houghton 1/26/2015
Berkshire East, The Denis Cup GS 1-11-2015 1/15/2015
A Sunday Afternoon on the Berkshire East Thunderbolt 1/14/2015
A Man Made Snow 1/9/2015
An Old Coach’s Advice to a Young Ski Racer 12/28/2014
Berkshire East’s Thunderbolt Will Be Open Every Weekend This Winter 12/21/2014
Berkshire East, Come Up for the Holiday Break 12/21/2014
Berkshire East Opening Day 11-29-2014 11/30/2014
Berkshire East Opening Day 11-29-2014, 30 SECOND COMMERCIAL for WFSB Channel 3 11/30/2014
Sky Trac Quad Commercial #1 11/20/2014
Berkshire East’s New Sky Trac Quad with Jonathan Schaefer 11/20/2014
Thunder Mountain Bike Park at Berkshire East Mountain Resort, Preview of 2015 1/28/2014
The Thunderbolt, If We Build It, They Will Come 10/20/2014
Our First Customers on the Thunderbolt 10/14/2014
Opening Day, Berkshire East Mountain Coaster 10/12/2014
Berkshire East Mountain Top Zip Line Canopy Tour, A Day to Last Forever 10/6/2014
Berkshire East Mountain Coaster Test Ride 10-3-2014 10/5/2014
Reflections of Berkshire East, The Importance of Local Programs with Roy Schaefer 9/28/2014
Berkshire East Mountain Coaster Construction 9/8/2014
Reflections of Berkshire East, Roy Schaefer on “Working” with a State Lift Inspector 8/31/2014